Best Football Gloves for Running Backs

6 Best Football Gloves for Running Backs for 2024

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Think of running and you naturally envision feet ~ not hands. Yet in football those who run with the ball must have sure hands; and because of this they protect those vital body parts. Young ball handlers who want to look like their heroes on television are bound to ask about football gloves.

So we dedicated time and energy to research dozens of models of gloves for football, and present this, our results. We think this is a great starter list of the very best gloves for football players at the running back position.

We considered a variety of factors including brand trust, pricing, materials, craftsmanship, warranties, and more. Hopefully the following will be helpful in making your little player happier and more confident on the gridiron. And giving you peace of mind that they are properly protected.


Why Running Backs Need Gloves for Football

Any player with hopes for success as a football running back will have to perfect the skill of not fumbling the ball. That is, to never drop it during a play so the opposing team might take the ball possession away.

Modern gloves are designed with sticky gripping materials on the palm side, and moisture-wicking material all around to prevent slippery contacts between the hands and leather ball. Footballs can get quite wet and slippery during play.

Secondly, running backs have their hands, forearms, elbows, upper arms, and shoulders bashed all the time by fast-moving helmets; or scratched by defenders trying to rip the ball out of their hands, or from the defenders’ own attire.

Some of today’s football gloves are padded on the outside, covering the knuckles or other prone parts of the outer hands to lessen impact of blows. This is not only for ball protection, but to prevent injuries to the all-important hands.

What to Look for in Football Running Back Gloves

Brand trust, or a company’s track record of delivering quality sporting goods, carries weight when it comes to buying gloves for football play. However, it’s not the only sales point to consider.

With all sports glove models, look closely at the craftsmanship, and materials used. Leather gloves are best, or new models with very high-quality synthetics. Avoid the vinyl you might find on baseball batting gloves; it doesn’t last.

Be sure to pay attention to cushioning or padding. Some brands and models have a keen sense of where to place them. If in doubt, while holding a football, look at the back of the hand and fingers. Anything sticking out and vulnerable?

You’ll notice knuckles. So you want some padding for the main or secondary knuckles, but not too much to bring with it more weight which tires running backs over the long haul of games.

Some gloves even have padding over the top of the wrist where the bone can get quite bruised (or even broken) by hard hits from a helmet.

Players will appreciate a firm, reliable strap to keep the gloves firm and prevent loosening or slipping during play. That is, how the gloves are secured down, whether with Velcro or other systems, is quite important. In this realm it can be helpful to read deep into buyers’ or users’ comments, for experiences with glove models over time.

Last but certainly not least, the gloves have to look cool.

Our Choices: Best Football Gloves for Running Backs for 2024 & Beyond

1. Best Football Gloves for Running Backs Overall ~ Adidas Freak 4.0 Padded Football Gloves


We go with protection in selecting our top choice, the Adidas Freak 4.0 Padded Football Gloves. The company markets them as gloves for receivers, but hey, running backs catch passes, too. It’s the padding, design, and overall craftsmanship that combine to make these the best gloves for carrying the football.

This model garnered the most positive buyers’ ratings of all the established models we found, and being Adidas you have confidence in the brand and quality. What we noticed most was the protection from the application of high-density injection-molded padding on the thumb and the hand’s backside.

Other attractive features include box construction fingers so fingertips avoid pinching; the extended wrap up the wrist which sure feels secure; moisture-wicking technology; and the company’s own palm treatment for palm stickiness.


  • Weight: 4.9 oz.
  • Materials: Synthetic (49% polyester, 16% TPU for the pads, 15% Silicone, 7% Spandex, 3% nylon, 3% chloroprene rubber, 1% Latex)
  • Padding: TPU and silicone covering length of fingers
  • Wrist: Extended wrap for support
  • Special Feature(s): AeroReady technology to wick away moisture; GripTack palm treatment

What We Like

  • Thick, secure feel with plenty of padding for peace of mind
  • Superbly constructed
  • Warranty against defects

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2. Best Football Gloves for Running Backs Runner-Up I ~ Seibertron Lineman 2.0 Padded Palm Football Gloves


With a super-futuristic look and nice price point, the Seibertron Lineman 2.0 Padded Palm Football Gloves, attracted our eye with benefits every back would like. Of note here is the flexible TPR Impact Protection pad system on the back of the hands.

Yes, we know the model has “lineman” in the name. However, we are mightily impressed with the design and sheer protective power of all the pads, coupled with plenty of grip on the inside (palms) to help hold a ball securely. They are still light enough for backs.

For those worried about the bones on those hands, look very closely at the details of the padding system. It’s full of individual pads, creases, and more to work together to absorb impacts. We just can’t see a more-protective glove model for running backs.


  • Weight: 5.6 oz.
  • Padding: TPR patented design
  • Material(s): Faux leather
  • Wrist: Hook and loop
  • Special Feature(s): Oracle bone inscription 12 Chinese Zodiac symbols (cool for kids and young adults)

What We Like

  • Futuristic appearance
  • TPR padding system
  • Very flexible faux leather material

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3. Best Football Gloves for Running Backs Runnr-Up II ~ Nike Mens Vapor Jet 7.0 Football Gloves


Above we mentioned brand trust, so it’s no surprise that the Nike Mens Vapor Jet 7.0 Football Gloves are high up on our list of top gloves for football running backs. Besides the quality materials and craftsmanship, players will appreciate the huge number of colors to choose from.

What the models above offer in protection, the Vapor Jet 7.0 provides comfort and light weight. This is a pair of hand covers designed with performance top of mind. Remember that we noted running backs are asked to catch passes, too, and the top attraction point here is the Magnigrip+ palm.

This Nike-specific element aims to improve hand grip on catches ~ always a huge consideration for anything to do with the hands for ball carriers. The super-light weight cannot be ignored for the sheer quality of materials and craftsmanship here. Those worried about hand fatigue during play will very much like this Nike offering.


  • Weight: 2.8 oz.
  • Padding: Minimal
  • Material(s): Silicone
  • Wrist: Closure-type hook, adjustable cuff
  • Special Feature(s): Magnigrip+ palm

What We Like

  • Very light in weight
  • Very comfortable
  • Brand trust

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4. Best Football Gloves for Running Backs on a Budget ~ Aceship Football Gloves


Not only is the Aceship Football Gloves model low-priced ~ the gloves also just might be the coolest-looking hand coverings. But before being wowed by the looks, note the geometric silicone patterns that help the palms to grip balls well.

The Lycra backside helps keep the glove dry, and reduces weight, but let’s face it, there’s not much protective padding here. At this price, you’re looking to keep the hands warm and blood flow consistent, and prevent scratches and scrapes.

The sticky silicone palm with extended coverage on the thumb provides plenty of peace of mind, and overall these gloves are quite flexible. This model seems more attuned to running backs who are more apt to go out for passes, and not necessarily for bashing fullbacks.


  • Weight: 2.1 oz.
  • Padding: Geometric silicone
  • Material(s): Silicone, dry Lycra
  • Wrist: Simple Velcro
  • Special Feature(s): Palm vent design; Lycra back side; moisture-wicking

What We Like

  • Lowest priced on our list
  • Eye-catching design for appearance
  • Very light weight

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5. Best Football Gloves for Running Backs for Youths ~ Under Armour Youth F8 Football Gloves


You can always count on this brand to deliver the most in comfort along with performance, so it’s no surprise that the Under Armour Youth F8 Football Gloves impressed us. With a decently affordable price for the quality, plus a superb comfortable feel inside, it’s hard to go wrong with an F8 for young players.

As with most Under Armour sports gear, these gloves look pretty cool, too. The 3D print overlays are not just for the appearance, too. It all is designed to add support overall.

What really makes this model stand out beyond the looks is the UA GlueGrip that starts out sticky, but also somehow maintains that stickiness. We’ll say the tackiness outweighs the lack of serious padding on the outside, which is probably a reason for the super lightweight. These are superb gloves for running back play.


  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Padding: Limited
  • Material(s): 85% Silicone, 12% Polyester, 3% Elastane
  • Wrist: Adjustable closure
  • Special Feature(s): Textured TurfGear back of hand for breathability

What We Like

  • Stickiness of the palms, and how that tackiness lasts
  • Brand trust
  • Comfort

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6. Best Football Gloves for Running Backs for the Fit ~ Nxtrnd G1 Pro Football Gloves


Considering the superior fit of this model, we honestly could have ranked the Nxtrnd G1 Pro Football Gloves quite higher on the list. Buyer reviews and comments back it up, that the G1 Pro is an outstanding hand-protective covering apt for many age levels.

Note that these gloves are designed more for gripping the ball, and protection from scratching or scrapes. It’s another model with limited padding on the backsides. Still, with mesh finger webbing, and 4-way stretchiness on the back of the hands, players feel pretty darn good wearing them.

For style, we like the fact that they only come in a solid color. It sure makes them look unique. And Nxtrnd offers plenty of colors to choose from.


  • Weight: 2.8 oz.
  • Padding: Limited
  • Material: Silicone
  • Wrist: n/a
  • Special Feature(s): NXT-Grip formula infused to ensure consistent stickiness

What We Like

  • Skin-tight fit
  • Larger catching surface than usual
  • Very light weight

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