Best Football Gloves for Rain

5 Best Football Gloves for Rain for 2024

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Ball handlers in football are well aware of how hard it is to maintain grip on the ball once it’s wet. Which happens pretty much every game, as mass perspiration soaks footballs and referees can’t replace them fast enough. What are receivers, running backs, tight ends, and even quarterbacks to do?

Well, let’s take a close look at the best football gloves for rainy or generally wet environments, for 2024 and the years immediately following.

We say that because technological advancements tend to make top-level sporting goods equipment redundant in the shortest amount of time in history. It’s nice when players (or parents) can squeeze more than a single season out of football gloves.

For this, we carefully inspected dozens of football gloves models and judged them on a variety of factors including craftsmanship, materials, brand trust, pricing, durability, performance, palm stickiness, and more.

Here’s what we discovered. Enjoy!


Who Needs Special Football Gloves for Rain or Wet Weather?

Special gloves that help football players perform better in rain, snow, or otherwise wet conditions are typically desired for players in positions where they are required to touch ~ and hold ~ the ball consistently.

That means the quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and field goal holders. For the quarterback this may be limited to using a single glove for the non-throwing hand, as not all players in this position feel comfortable throwing the ball while wearing a glove ~ but still want assistance maintaining control of a wet ball.

Some defensive players also might prefer football gloves with some kind of stickiness or grip help on the palm side, since these players often grab ahold of offensive blockers to push them aside in the effort to get to a ball-carrier.

Why? Offensive players, particularly linemen and linebackers, know defenders will try to grab at them so they wear their jerseys extra tight. With little to grab at, defenders may choose gloves that might help grip parts of a blocker’s body for all that shoving.

These special gloves have some kind of special feature or substance on the palm sides that help a player grip things. They also might be specially made for durability in constantly wet conditions, as old-fashioned leather can tend to dry and crack after many soakings.

Our Choices: Best Football Gloves for Rain for 2024 & Beyond

1. Best Football Gloves for Rain Overall ~ Nxtrnd G1 Pro Football Gloves


The Nxtrnd G1 Pro Football Gloves has such a superior fit, raving user reviews, and plenty of tackiness, and we found it the best glove model for wet football play. It’s the company’s own special NXT-Grip, with lasting stickiness over many games, that puts it over the top.

Super comfortable and breathable, using a 4-way stretch fabric, take note of the palm design. It is unlike most sports gloves in that the tacky palm area is extended down to the wrists, and also around the pinky fingers, enlarging the surface that helps hold the ball.

There are lots of colors to choose from, and this model’s cool-looking single-color scheme actually somehow makes it more stylish.


  • Weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Style: Velcro closure
  • Special Feature(s): NXT-Grip formula infused to ensure consistent stickiness

What We Like

  • Very, very light weight
  • Skin-tight comfy fit
  • Larger-than-average catching surface

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2. Best Football Gloves for Rain Runner-Up ~ Nike Mens Vapor Jet 7.0 Football Gloves


We already raved about this glove model specifically for running backs, and for rain the quality is still there with the Nike Mens Vapor Jet 7.0 Football Gloves.

As with the model above, this well-known brand has its own unique palm gripping surface, which it calls the Magnigrip+ palm. This is part of an enlarged area of stickiness to give ball carriers as much of an advantage as possible during play.

There’s much to like here with regard to comfort: a light weight, perforations at the fingers to cool on hot days, yet silicone overlays to protect that high-quality material in rain.


  • Weight: 3.4 oz.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Style: Hook and loop closure
  • Special Feature(s): Magnigrip+ palm

What We Like

  • Enlarged, very tacky palms
  • Brand trust
  • Non-mesh backside, keeps more moisture out

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3. Best Football Gloves for Rain Runner-Up II ~ Battle Sports Double Threat Ultra Stick Football Gloves


The Battle Sports Double Threat Ultra Stick Football Gloves model has established itself into the football culture, with a solid word-of-mouth reputation to go along with all the positive user reviews.

Believe it or not, sports equipment safety organizations as well as the NCAA have limits to how much tackiness football gloves may have ~ and the Double Threat takes it to the limit. As the company says, the ball just seems to stick to these mitts.

The company’s 90-day guarantee, commitment to applying cutting-edge science for durability, and extreme light weight, just adds to the attractiveness of the package.


  • Weight: 0.7 oz.
  • Material: Blend
  • Style: Velcro wrist strap
  • Special Feature(s): Extremely tacky palms

What We Like

  • Light feel and comfort
  • Durability
  • 90-day durability guarantee

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4. Best Football Gloves for Rain on a Budget ~ Cutters Game Day No Slip Football Gloves


You won’t find as much quality for the price as with the Cutters Game Day No Slip Football Gloves. How they squish so much ball-handling excellence into an affordable package is a mystery.

Not that they cut back on performance. What the company calls its Speed grip silicone palm feels like a second skin, albeit one with ball-holding superpowers. The fit is skin tight yet flexible, carefully made of a blend that seems to work.


  • Weight: 1.1 oz.
  • Material: Blend
  • Style: Hook and loop closure
  • Special Feature(s): Speed grip silicone palm

What We Like

  • Affordable pricing for the quality
  • Super-neat design
  • Machine washable

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5. Best Football Gloves for Rain for Engineering ~ Grip Boost DNA Football Gloves

There are a whole lot of football gloves on the market, but for some reason the Grip Boost DNA Football Gloves with Engineered Grip really caught our eye, particularly for what appears to be superior materials for rainy play. It just looks sticky.

Maybe because that’s what engineering PhDs from the University of Maryland’s Chemical Engineering Department aimed for, when it worked with former players to specifically address the show lifespan of tackiness with football gloves. It appears the team did well.

This grip material naturally wicks away moisture, while somehow creating extra points in which the hands touch the ball. That along with its 4-way stretch knit delivers comfort along with confidence for any ball-handler.


  • Weight: 4.6 oz.
  • Material: Blend
  • Style: Closure wrist strap
  • Special Feature(s): Patented engineered textured palm

What We Like

  • Super-duper tackiness
  • Moisture-wicking ability
  • Specially textured palm

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