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7 Best Football Training Equipment for 2024

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Among all the major team sports, perhaps none depend more on excellent, consistent training than football. For the serious gridiron warriors,practice makes perfect ~ and top-quality training equipment helps!.

So out of our own curiosity, we thought about what might be the best football training equipment items available? To explore this, we dedicated time and research, and provide this list of our top recommendations.

We considered a variety of factors, including buyer or user reviews, pricing, brand, durability, and comfort. We also tried to present training gear items for different positions or needs ~ and even ease of transport!.


Insight Into the Best in Football Equipment

Starting the process to search for the best football equipment available on the market, we suggest you first answer these questions.

Football Player Age?

Very young football players do not need as many pieces of game equipment as older players. This does not mean he or she will need none. It’s just that at young ages, bodies have much less weight and travel slower, lessening impacts of collisions. It’s the mass and speed of the older levels that causes the nasty crashes that result in pain. Plus, you don’t want young players weighted down too much, as playing fatigued is rarely fun. Instead of more pads, go with better pads.

Football Positions and Associated Equipment

Your kid may dig the forearm pad that his favorite defensive end wears, but unfortunately your child does not play on the line where extra cushioning is needed. Most ball carriers eschew the forearm pads as they add weight, and erase the feel of the ball on the forearm. Long story short, don’t overwhelm youth players with too much exotic equipment. Think durability and repetitions with training gear.

Football Playing Style

This is an important consideration with buying football training equipment. Skill positions like quarterback, running back, and wide receiver depend greatly on foot speed, and too much weight or coverage over joints can slow the player down. On the other hand, hard-hitting defenders like safeties and linebackers might use a little help with training up top, to avoid shoulder injuries.

Our Choices: Best Football Training Equipment for 2024 & Beyond

1. Best Football Training Equipment for 2024 Overall ~ X-UMEUS Agility Ladder


Of the many packages with ladders and accessories to jump around and over, we really like the X-UMEUS Agility Ladder, and its 12 cones, 4 decently-sized hurdles, a jump rope, and running parachute to work the muscles that drive foot speed and agility.

A nice touch are the cards that come with it showing a great number of exercises that can be done with this gear, and how to set them up. Not every football player will be familiar with all the possibilities, and little things like cones can be used ad nauseam to help ma

The long ladder has 4 stakes to fix it into the ground for safety, and we really like the hurdles which are higher than other brands’ models to add that much more oomph to drills. The running parachute is the chef’s kiss atop this package, an item darn near every player in skill positions takes advantage of today.


  • Size: Varies
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs.
  • Materials: Plastic and rubber (Varies depending on item)
  • Special Feature(s): 8.9-inch tall hard plastic hurdles

What We Like

  • Volume in this training package (24 pieces)
  • Quality and attention to detail
  • “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”

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2. Best Football Training Equipment for 2024 Runner-Up ~ GoSports XL Blocking Pad


It might seem simplistic and singular in nature, but we can’t say enough about how important it is to have a GoSports XL Blocking Pad around for a variety of football training purposes. This quality pad is exceptional for both team and 1-on-1 training exercises.

This is a heavy-duty padded blocking pad that lets players bash into each other as in real game play, safely. The holder will appreciate the 5 reinforced handles (vs. traditional 2-handled blocking pads), placed excellently for comfort and angles.

What differentiates this particular blocking pad is the quality of craftsmanship, and the thick core (5-inches deep) of high-density foam inside to absorb and minimize impacts. The tear-proof composite leather exterior surface is a nice touch, as these products can take a real beating.


  • Size: 32 x 20 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs.
  • Materials: Composite leather, foam interior
  • Special Feature(s): 5 handles to hold instead of just 2

What We Like

  • Large size without too much weight
  • Above-average high-density padding inside
  • Superior user ratings and comments, and a lot of them

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3. Best Football Training Equipment for 2024 Runner-Up II ~ GoSports XTRAMAN Blocker Pop-Up Defenders


We just think the GoSports XTRAMAN Blocker Pop-Up Defenders pieces look and act cool. Well, if 3 portable, movable fake football opponents could act. Anyway, any football coach would dig having these around, to emulate crowded places and teach skills on  navigating them.

These tubular fake players squish down into flat discs for super easy transport and storage, in a circular, zipping nylon bag that looks like you’re carrying around a few golf discs. Having a set or 2 of these around is quite helpful to avoid fatiguing or straight-out boring extra players so skill position guys can get reps.

Plus there’s the safety. A lot of drills for navigating crowded spaces involve fast slalom-like movements where very big players collide hard as they try to cut corners (and therefore seconds) en route to a ball carrier. Why risk hurting a player when these big fake soda cans will do just fine?


  • Size: ‎20.5 x 19.9 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs. (remember, 4 lbs. of each item is just the sandbag base; the rest of the item is very light nylon)
  • Materials: Nylon, sandbag bases
  • Special Feature(s): Weighted base (4-lb. sandbags) for stability

What We Like

  • Ease of use, transport, and storage
  • Flexibility and utility
  • Collapsibility into a neat circular carrying bag with handles

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4. Best Football Training Equipment for 2024 on a Budget ~ GHB Speed Ladder


For those on a budget who want the most bang for their buck, we suggest the GHB Speed Ladder and everything it comes with to help a football player to improve in any number of areas. While the overall goal is to boost speed, this ladder and accessories can help with agility, balance, quickness, and more.

Besides the affordable price for all these things you get, what jumped out at us was the sheer number of buyer reviews for this package. These things don’t happen by accident; a good product that generates solid word-of-mouth is typically an exceptional product.

While the adjustable agility ladder gets the headlines, what will grab the attention of any young player or parents is the parachute. This can be tied to the waist with a belt (included) to help skill position players increase their speed, or help any player build cardio. The ladder and parachute alone are worth the price of admission.


  • Size: 17.1 x 5.2 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs. total
  • Materials: Various plastics
  • Special Feature(s): Pay just a little more, and get more cones!

What We Like

  • Affordable pricing
  • Carrying bag included

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5. Best Football Passing Training Equipment for 2024 ~ Sport Nets Heavy Duty Football Throwing Net


This manufacturer is moving up in the sporting goods world, and we really like what they have done for developing quarterbacks with the Sport Nets Heavy Duty Football Throwing Net, from the growing brand Hit Run Steal. Not only does it have more pockets spread around its sizable net space, it is constructed very well to take the pounding that comes with hard-thrown pigskins.

The broad net is plenty large enough, at 7 feet squared, as are the pockets to hold accurately tossed balls. What is cool and might be overlooked by the novice is how each pocket has an easy to see large number in front ~ good for drills where a coach calls out a number and the back must hit that pocket.

It emulates the quick decisions that must be made playing the position ~ and provides pockets deep enough for multiple repetitions with less time reloading. The nylon net is made well, and the steel frame is plenty heavy and sturdy to withstand repeated use.


  • Size: 42 x 84 x 84 inches
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Materials: Nylon, plastic, and steel framing
  • Special Feature(s): 5 pockets in various spots to aim at, capture thrown balls; carry bag included

What We Like

  • Sturdy
  • More pockets to throw to
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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6. Best Football Training Equipment for Receivers for 2024 ~ SKLZ Great Catch Football Receiving Training Aid


Some people are blessed with an extraordinary ability to catch footballs, but for the rest of us, boatloads of repetitions are needed to fine-tune the act. To learn how to catch a football with better mechanics, check out the SKLZ Great Catch Football Receiving Training Aid.

This uncomplicated little device, essentially a strap around each hand holding a small ball on the palm, forces players to make catches with their fingertips, and not just with the palms. This not only helps perfect the act of catching, it strengthens the muscles and tendons involved. A win-win all the way around.

User reviews are dominantly positive, with some fathers raving about how easy this product is to use, and how well it works in terms of delivering solid results. This is an excellent practice tool for every skill level, and it works for drills to help holding on to a ball while running, too ~ players still have to use hand and finger strength in that realm, too.


  • Size: ‎7.1 x 2 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: Hardly any
  • Materials: Rubberized balls; elastic band
  • Special Feature(s): Rubberized micro balls a little bigger than a golf ball, held in place with a firm elastic band

What We Like

  • Very simple to use
  • Very effective with repetitions
  • Really works an important body part for catching (fingers)

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7. Best Football Training Equipment for Transports ~ Wilson Sporting Goods Tackle Football Player Equipment Bag

We previously commended the Wilson Sporting Goods Tackle Football Player Equipment Bag as the best gear bag for football players ~ and it belongs on this list also because having a top-quality equipment bag saves time, which can be better used practicing.

This very well-established manufacturer made this model stand out just by appearance: it’s big, but in a more modern backpack style. This look has been a part of baseball for some time, but for football it’s quite bold. And we think players will really love the effectiveness and organization capability.

This bag carries a helmet, cleats, shoulder pads, girdles, cameras and other gear items with ease. Wilson did a great job with the minute details, like padding on the shoulder straps, or ventilation in the shoe compartment. That’s right, this football gear bag has a compartment just for the cleats!


  • Size: 26 x 12 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs.
  • Materials: Composite
  • Special Feature(s): Reflective stripes for improved night visibility

What We Like

  • Stand-up backpack style
  • Brand trust
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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Related Questions

Q: What is the purpose of football dummies in training?

A: Football dummies, often referred to as “tackling dummies” or “blocking dummies,” are used to simulate real-game scenarios without the risk of injury. They allow players to practice techniques like tackling, blocking, and shedding blockers, helping to improve skills and strength without endangering another player.

Q: Aside from dummies, what other essential equipment is commonly used in football training sessions?

A: In addition to football dummies, players often use agility ladders for footwork drills, cones for route running and agility drills, sleds for resistance training, and ball machines for catching and return drills, among other equipment. Each piece is designed to hone specific skills and improve overall player performance.

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