Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet

5 Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet for 2024

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Finding the best football cleats is usually not simple for any player ~ let alone for those with special features like bigger-than-average feet. What’s a player to do when football cleats are mostly sized according to the average foot width, and you’re not average?

Here, we present a list of what we believe, after considerable research, to be the best cleats for wide feet for playing American football.


Why Special Football Cleats for Wide Feet?

Makers of athletic footwear are aware: not all feet are equal. Heck, sometimes that even means  the feet of the same person!

For everyday shoes, and even shoes designed for walking or running, many manufacturers offer each length of shoe in 2 or 3 slightly varied widths.

But those are the high-end or top-selling brands. Not all can offer shoes in a variety of widths ~ and nor can those making football cleats.

The average width of a men’s foot is 4 inches. Average for a wide foot? Just a half inch more, or 4.5 inches, the equivalent of just a quarter inch on either side of a foot.

But for shoes that are meant to be quite snug, just that little extra can squeeze the sides pretty well. And no one wants to be uncomfortable out on the field ~ especially on the feet.

Football players who are on the field a lot, who have wide feet, should seek the proper equipment (cleats) to deal with it. We hope our suggestions below help.

A quick note on sizing: football cleats should be snug, not tight. If any shoe feels tight on the sides, you probably have wide feet and should seek footwear accordingly.

Our Choices: Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet

1. Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet Overall ~ Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3 Men’s Football Cleats


There is too much to like about the Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3 Men’s Football Cleats to prevent it from topping our list. Wide-footed players will appreciate the giving design inside for a great feel, especially with such a soft foam insole.

That it’s lightweight and plays “close to the ground” helps much. Tack on choices from over 20 colors and color combinations, and it’s hard to go wrong with the Nike Menace.


  • Material: Rubber sole, synthetic upper, cloth blended at top
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs.
  • Special Feature(s): Upper combining synthetic leather with cloth to cut weight and improve comfort

What We Like

  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Over 20 color/color combos

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2. Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet Runner-Up ~ Under Armour Highlight Hammer MC Football Shoe


This sports cleats manufacturer is known for producing kicks that feel good, and for wide feet we suggest the Under Armour Men’s Highlight Hammer MC Football Shoe. What makes this football cleat model stand out is not necessarily wider shoes, but in the details put into the insides.

We’re talking about the insole and midsole. The former is a high-rebound SuperFoam which helps absorb shock; and latter, an ultra-cushioned midsole the full length of the foot. Other details like its light weight, and camo suede heel add to the package.


  • Material: Rubber sole, synthetic leather upper
  • Weight: 2.78 lbs.
  • Special Feature(s): Adjustable UA Pellet Protect shroud for a snug, protected lacing

What We Like

  • Interior comfort details
  • Brand trust for comfort
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3. Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet Runner-Up II ~ Adidas Men’s Freak Carbon Mid Football Shoe


It’s no surprise to include this manufacturer on this list, but among the company’s many football cleat models we like the Adidas Men’s Freak Carbon Mid Football Shoe for its flexibility for wider feet.

While aesthetically the Freak might not seem eye-catching, the model is offered in over 25 colors or color combinations for choices. Exterior aside, know that this model is designed specifically for comfort so be sure it’s nicely designed inside.


  • Material: Rubber and synthetic
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Special Feature(s): Custom lacing system

What We Like

  • Designed for comfort.
  • Mid-cut option for linemen

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4. Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet on a Budget ~ Core American Football Cleats


First off, parents of new young players of American football are allowed to wear soccer cleats ~ but not the other way around. We say that because at first glance, the Core American Football Cleats might look to some like soccer kicks.

In fact, the Core model most likely could be used for soccer since it’s missing the stud in the very front. It doesn’t matter, we like the quality and features of cleats that come at such a low price.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 1.34 lbs.
  • Special Feature(s): Above-average shock absorption and cushioning systems

What We Like

  • Low pricing
  • Very lightweight

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5. Best American Football Cleats for Wide Feet Alternative ~ Nike Men’s Force Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats


There is so much to like with the Nike Men’s Force Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats that we are almost embarrassed to rank it so low on this list. It’s just that every model on this list, to be honest, could be No. 1 in a big tie.

Among all football cleat models on this list, however, the Force Pro has the most amazing look. The alligator-like skin is eye-catching; we also like the mid model as it stabilizes ankles without the limitations of a full high-top. There is plenty of space for the wide-footed, and the lace-up design adjusting for how tight or loose the player wants.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 2.35 lbs.
  • Special Feature(s): Machine washable (but air dry after; and avoid machine dryers, of course)

What We Like

  • Wide front-foot area
  • Brand quality

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Related Questions

Question: Do any famous people have wide feet?

Answer: It has been reported that the actors Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Drew Barrymore have wide feet, as well as country singer and actor Dolly Parton.

Q.: How do you know if you have wide feet?

A.: While wearing shoes, if you feel pressure on the sides, you most likely have wide feet. Major shoemakers go with the odds with models featuring the most average width of feet. If your feet don’t seem to slip in easily on the sides, your feet are probably wider than average. (For reference, the average foot size for men is 4 inches; for the most part, anything close to 4.5 inches or more is considered wide).

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